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Your Software, Your Way

BHL differentiates itself from other legal practice management system vendors by focusing on making software reflect the way you work, rather than the other way around. We firmly believe that the best way to serve law firms is to provide them with cutting edge technology that is flexible and adaptable to their needs. 

All clients use the same version of Insight, but by using configuration options each client is able to use the system in the way that best suits them. We have developed particular expertise in law firms that specialise in Personal Injury, Class Actions, Litigation, Family Law and Large Property Developments, but we are pleased to work with any firm that is serious about embedding its processes in software and managing its financial productivity.

BHL has four legal software products:

BHL Insight - Legal Management Practice Software. Since its inception in 2003, Insight has been continuously developed making it more functional and adaptable than alternative systems.

BHL Cloud - a web browser product that makes the management of law practices fully mobile.

SpeediDocs - a plugin for Word and email which allows you to quickly create documents and precedents.

Legli - a sophisticated lawyer-client collaboration platform including AI-driven chat bot, document assembly, knowledge base and onboarding.

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