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Your software, Your Way.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing unparalleled support, and we see ourselves as part of your team.”

BHL Insight differentiates itself from other legal practice management system vendors by focusing on making software reflect the way you work, rather than the other way around. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing outstanding support, and we see ourselves as part of your team. We work with law firms that recognise the need to have their software systems reflect the way they want to run their business.

We start with a completed, packaged system, but we collaborate with clients to quickly develop that packaged software into a system that fits their business properly, and continues to evolve and adapt to clients needs as their business grows.

All clients use the same version of Insight, but by using configuration options each client is able to use the system in the way that best suits them. We have developed particular expertise in law firms that specialise in Personal Injury, Class Actions, Litigation, and Large Property Developments, but we are pleased to work with any firm that is serious about embedding its processes in software.

Some firms are now beginning to use our workflow and document management systems to automate their internal processes, for example upgrading their mobile phones or photocopiers, running a marketing campaign. Formal project management methodologies ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget and our professional staff are among the most experienced legal software developers in the world. The people you talk to pre-sale are the people who look after you post-sale. Our support staff are our software designers and developers. By giving our valued clients direct access to local IT experts and programmers rather than sales people, we seek to generate a culture of collaboration on shared goals.

We have local technical staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Providing our clients easy to access on-premises support. The following resources are available to help you on board and fully utilise BHL’s  products.

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BHL Software

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