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Small Firms

Your software, Your Way.

Small legal practices can find it extremely difficult to keep on top of Trust accounting, taxation, document management and mandatory reporting requirements. Small practices often do not have the luxury of a full time practice manager.

  • At BHL, we aim to provide a practice management software that minimises the time your law firms spends on low value administrative tasks. Allowing you more time to focus on more profitable legal work.
  • BHL can help you streamline Case Management, Time Billing, Accounting and Collections so you can spend more time doing billable legal work. We constantly update our software to reflect the latest technology advances and pass these enhancements onto you to ensure you remain competitive.
  • Your firm will have total control of your data. At BHL, we have a policy of keeping your data free and open. Some of our competitors encrypt and lock your data, which makes it extremely difficult for you to leave them in the future.
  • For an affordable price, you get all the same features we provide mid-tier law firms.
  • BHL Insight is designed in modules. You can take advantage of some of the modules, all of the modules or any combination that suits you.
  • Unlike some other practice management vendors, BHL software will remain current for as long as you choose to use it. This means that we will not force you to change software, just because we have developed new ones. We are here with you for the long term.
  • We have one central system which houses everything. Most practice management systems are typically not well integrated, meaning you have data in multiple systems and databases and spend a lot of unnecessary time data processing or paying someone to do it for you.
  • BHL’s Insight is one of the most stable platforms in the market. It is not demanding on your IT infrastructure and is easily integrated with existing software.


To see how leading small law firms can use BHL Insight to drive success and profitability organise a product demo. Our interactive¬†demo guides you through the different capabilities of BHL’s legal practice management software focusing on the areas most important to you.

Product Demo

Questions? Our expert legal practice management consultants can assist you. Call now on 1300 132 385.

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